Modern logistic service companies have done a wonderful job transporting goods all around the world, connecting us all into a global economy, we work with our shipping agent provide our customers excellent services of shipping and receiving orders prompt at reasonable fees. 

1. International Express shipping, --- UPS, DHL, TNT and Fedex, have daily services from Hongkong to all major cities around the world, delivery time is usually 3-5 business days, Because of the volume of our business, we have more discounts from our shipping agent. And, of course, if you have an account with any one of these carriers, we can put the shipping charge directly on your account and there is no shipping and handling charnges from us.   

2 Air cargo----if your order package is more than 500kg, you can chose to use Air Cargo. The shipping cost is much more favorable than Express, but you need to pick up the goods at your nearby airport and clear customs by your self. The delivery time is aobut 3-7 business days.   

3. Sea Cargo,---IT is the most economical way to ship, but delivery time varies from 15-30 business days. The shipping cost is charged per cubic meter, depending on the season and seaport you ship to. We recommend you use it when your order package is at least two cubic meters, and you do not need them in urgent. 

4. Ex works----"EX Works" means customers will take care of the delivery after the ordered products are available, customers indicated the valid courier account number before shipment, so we can inform the couries to collect the goods at our warehouse, customers can also arrange couriers, forwarders and shipping agents to come to collect goods after we notify they are ready. IF under Ex workers term, TOPATOM will not take any shipping cost for orders, if customers need us to send goods to your pointed courier, we will add the necessary transport fee into the proforma invoice.