Mini Round 360° Lighting SMD LED Neon Flex


Product Model:TA-RS-2835(*)-220VTA-RS-2835(*)-110VTA-RS-2835(*)-24VTA-RS-2835(*)-12V
LED Type:SMD2835SMD2835SMD2835SMD2835
Material:Eco PVCEco PVCEco PVCEco PVC
Working Voltage:220V AC110V AC24V DC12V DC
Power Consumption:10W/M10W/M8W/M8W/M
LED QTY per meter:120pcs120pcs120pcs120pcs
Avaliable colorRed, Green, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Warm White, White, Pink
Min. Cutting Unit:120LEDs60LEDs6LEDs6 LEDs
Min. Cutting Length:39.4"/100cm19.7"/50cm9.84''/15cm3.9''/10cm 
Max Length:328.1'/100m328.1'/100m65.62'/20m32.8'/10m
Protection Rating:IP65IP65IP65IP65
Min. Bending:Dia 4cmDia 4cmDia 4cmDia 4cm
Bending Direction:vertically PCBvertically PCBvertically PCBvertically PCB
Ambient Temp.:-30℃ to +45℃-30℃ to +45℃-30℃ to +45℃-30℃ to +45℃
tips: The" (*) "in model No should be replaced by the first letter of color. Such as red light led neon, the model number is TA-RS-2835R-220V

What are the advantages of Side view LED neon flex?    
    1. Adopts 120pcs high brightness SMD2835LEDs
    2. The LED flex neon rope light is not prone to damage from shock and vibration
    3. Adopts first-class eco-friendly UV-resistant PVC material
    4. Round shape, 360° lighting like traditional glass neon light.  high brightness, even mixture of colors
    5. Easy to be installed, can be cut and reconnected (connection accessories available)
    6. Protection Rating IP65 (All joints should be sealed when installation)
What are the applications of sideview LED neon?  
    1. Indoor and outdoor architectural outline decorations
    2. Walkway and park guiding-line lighting system, and landscaping
    3. Ideal for bridge, sculpture, building contour, and board fringe illuminating decoration




round led neon rope light


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Mini Round 360° Lighting SMD LED Neon Flex


* Model:



Round 360° LED Neon Flex 
Size: Diameter 17mm 
360° lighting 
Input voltage: 220V/120V AC, 24V/12V DC 
Power: 8W/Meter 
LED Type: SMD2835 
LED QTY: 120 LEDs/M 

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