Company Values

 Innovative, integrity, determination, are three core value of TOPATOM INTERNATIONAL .

 Holding these values at heart we have been able to take part in many great projects, 

 such as the first LED street in Ireland and the longest LED street in China . 

 More important we have made many friends and partners around the world. 

 All aim to take part in this new era of lighting. 

 Important of integrity have never been under estimated within TOPATOM INTERNATIONAL. 

 As everyone knows without integrity, there will never be a strong business relationship. 

 Provide honest, tailored and open information is key to bring technology into a new explore market. 


Establish a strong long term network with close partner all over the world, the ensure TOPATOM is reachable to every corner of the world. 

Constant research and development in better product efficiency in lumen output, lifespan and production cost. 

To ensure LED is greener and more affordable to everyone. 

Everyone smiles in a greener world (which of course including our hardworking team of professional). 

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