Q1: What is the Warranty for the lamps?

A1:  For the lamps,we have 3 years warranty.If any quality problems on our side occured in this period ,we will take on the shipping cost and replacement.


Q2:  What is colour temperature?


A2: TOPATOM LED Lighting offer lamps in warm, natural,pure and cool  white with colour temperatures measured in  Kelvin (K). The lower the colour temperature is, the warmer  the light given by the LED:


·                  Warm white = 2700K-3200K

·                  Natural white = 4000K-4500K

·                  Pure white = 5000K-5500K

·                  Cool white = 6000K-6500K

Q3:: What is CRI?


A3: CRI is a figure which feedback the real objects colors.Higher CRI with higher cost.For LED tubes,the CRI is mostly 70-75Ra,and 80Ra with higher cost.But there are some suppliers write a high data to attract clients,please note.


Q4: Will your LED light bulbs work on a dimmer switch?


A4: We do not recommend using our LED light bulbs on a dimmer switch, this type of switch can potentially cause damage to the bulb.


Q5: What is the specific size of the screw base on your Edison base LED bulbs?


A5: The size is E-27/E-26. This size works in all common fixtures.


Q6: Why does my LED light bulb not work properly in extreme temperatures?


A6: Any temperature below 14 F or above 122 F may cause a LED bulb to flicker, dim, change color, or cease to function. Once the LED bulb is returned to an operational environment it should began to work properly.


Q7: What is the AC Voltage tolerance for our LED bulbs?


A7: Their AC voltage tolerance is +/- 10%.


Q8: Do your LED bulbs emit UV light?


A8: No. But you should never point an LED light into your eyes. The light is very bright and could cause damage.




Q1. How about the replacement between LED Street Light and High Press Sodium Light?

A1.   TOPATOM  60W LED street light with 48pcs of LED could replace 150W HPS light.

        TOPATOM  90W LED street light with 72pcs of LED could replace 250W HPS light.

        TOPATOM  120W LED street light with 96pcs of LED could replace 400W HPS light.

        TOPATOM 210W LED street light with 168pcs of LED could replace 600W HPS light.

        (Exact replacement need to be calculated based on detailed brightness requirement.)

Q2. What is the lifespan of the LED Street Light?

A2.    Normally, we calculate the lifetime of TOPATOM LED street light based on the brightness decreased. When the brightness of LED street light decreases to 70% of the original, we could say the lifetime of LED street light is over theoretically, but actually the light could still work normally. If you want to get more information about the brightness decrease of TOPATOM led street light, just feel free to contact us.

Q3. Which kind of LED chip does TOPATOM LED lighting products use?

A3.    We normally use Cree X-Lamp series LED or LED chip from Cree and Bridgelux.

Q4 .Could I have a sample of TOPATOM LED lighting products?

A4.     You are welcome to order samples for testing from us. Please let us know the Model No. and the quantity. Normally, we have standard LED Lighting products in stock.

Q5. Is the sample for free?

A5.      We would say sorry that we are not able to provide samples for free. You are welcome to buy one piece of outdoor LED lighting product for testing.

Q6 . Any discount available for big quantity order?

A6.       The price of our LED lighting products could be negotiated if you have big quantity order or some projects in hand.

Q7. Could I have my own logo on the products?

A7.     OEM is negotiable with large quantity for us.